Our Founder

Our Founder


Warm welcome to Bon Maharaj Institute of Management & Technology (B.I.M.T.) on the land of Krishna consciousness.

His Holiness

Bon Maharaj institutions, vrindavan has been named in the memory of his holiness tridandi swami bon maharaj, the great seer of the braj region. it is an ideal icon of his golden dreams. His most devoted disciples are engrossed in immortalizing the name of bhakti hirdaya bon maharaj, the founder president of bon maharaj institutions, who founded Vaishnava theological university, vrindavan in 1948, thereafter institute of oriental philosophy in the year 1952. In 1997 bon maharaj institute of management and technology (B.I.M.T), in 2003 vrindavan law college and in 2018 Heritage Public School was established, which are certainly a tribute to late saint B.H. bon maharaj (D.Lit.,I.Ph.D.,D.D,D.D,D.theos.& D.A.E.H.),the light that merged into divinity on 7th of July 1982. His oration on education, philosophy and religion enamoured and spellbound the people of all walks of life. Bon maharaj institutions stands for the values and beliefs that he stood for and it is in his fond memory the institution is dedicated. His dauntless nature, perseverance, endurance and courage are everlasting inspiration to all educationists, philosophers and the theosophists. He shone as a great philanthropist.

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