Secretary Message

Secretary Message

Mr. Nam Dev Sharma

Warm welcome to Bon Maharaj Institute of Management & Technology (B.I.M.T.) on the land of Krishna consciousness.

With a penchant of superintending noble deeds and a valued vision of championing the cause of education; and motivated by an innate urge we aim at translating our action into establishing a model institute that imparts education in management, computers and education courses.

We are overwhelmed with unflinching faith in five Ds i.e. Dedication, devotion, Determination, Discipline and Discrimination and Six Cardinal Virtues for instilling in our students a sense of Justice, Prudence, Fortitude, Hope, Faith and Charity.

Our institute is striding, with rolling wheels of time, ensuring stability in its course of B.Ed., D.El.Ed, B.B.A and B.C.A.

Our hallmark and conspicuity are our dedicated and qualified staff members and a team of scholastic management and preceptors working together with a pious goal of maintaining ethics, morals and character amongst our taughts.

We, from the innermost cores of our hearts, strive for maintaining the dignity of learning, education and technology to cope with the challenges of dynamic and competitive world and pledge to work to the excellence in order that our students may bask in limelight and dazzle global horizons.

Needless to emphasize that this can be made concrete and materialised with the unremitting support of all students, guardians and our well wishers alike. By the grace of almighty and our honest efforts we will certainly come out successful and prove to be excelsior in the field of education. Evermore, we shall remain solicitant to seek cooperation of eminent scholars, learned people and great polyhistors of different faculties of Education, Management and Technology.

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